Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Getting referrals is really very easy if you think about it.
If you want it fast, you can just buy referrals in your get paid to click sites and start from there.
But of course, you would not do that right away since you are just new or you don't even trust the PTC site yet. or you don't have the money to buy.
You joined the PTC business to earn money not to spend money, right?
So here's what you can do so you can gain and harvest more referrals for free and earn more money fast in your get paid to click sites.
Register in the links below and start getting more referrals.

• sulit.com.ph - Create an advertisement on your get paid to click site. Make your ads detailed and catchy so more people will join your get paid to click program.

• getref.com - Here you will also click ads to generate points which you can convert in exchange of referrals. This site is so popular in getting referrals. You can also convert your points to ads and generate traffic in your blog/site if you have one and maybe you can also get some referrals through this method.

• simplerefs.com - Same as getref.com. You can convert your points in exchange for referrals or traffic to your blog.

• buyas.info - You can convert your earnings here to advertisements. You get more traffic to your blog and more chances to get referrals.

• mylot.com - This is a social network site where you earn money through your comments and posts. This is also a great place to gather referrals.

• yuwie.com - This is also a social network site similar to friendser, myspace, and facebook. This is also a gret place to gather referrals by putting in you referral link in your friends comments.

• seven-bux - You can convert your earnings to ads so you can get more chances of gathering referrals.

• EasyHits4U - This will help you generate traffic in your blog/site and have more chances in gathering referrals.

• Get Paid to Click Sites - you can always gather referrals by converting your earnings in PTC sites into advertisements if you do not want to get your cash yet.

If you have any questions, you can email me at bea_cor_ph@yahoo.com

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