Friday, December 26, 2008

I got Paid by Neobux! Instant!

My first ever payment from Neobux!!! Thank you Neobux...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SCAM ALERT: Clickin.Me Cancelled Alertpay Withdrawal Option And Now Supports Only Wire Transfer

Now, this is another new scam site, with an innovative idea of scamming. They just canceled all payout requests through alertpay. And they are now only offering cashout through alertpay, god knows for what reason. Now lets go with what we have found out, and what are the facts. LOW CASHOUT??: Because of the low cashout, they used to say, that they were receiving thousands of cashout request everyday. For that, they were making the delays, since handling such large volume of cashouts each day was not possible. And more, they refused to raise the payout level from $2, since they believed such a low payout was the reason behind their success. BANK FEES- SO ARE THE CASHOUT REEQUIREMENT LOW ANYMORE??: So why are they initiating bank transfer then? Bank transfer fees are very high, in some countries its as high as $20 per transaction. In no part of the world a bank transfer is possible without a fee; a fee which is never too low. So effectively, you cannot cashout $2, since this will leave nothing in your hand after the fees are cut off. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM WITH ALERTPAY??: Well, they first set up bank transfer as an option besides alertpay, and no one had any complain. Now they are asking for bank transfer only, no alertpay. What the heck is their problem with alertpay? If handling payouts are too tiredsome, why cannot they shift to an instant paying script, or just raise the payout, or require minimum number of clicks for payout? DESPERATE BANK TRANSFERS??: When asked why they are so desperate about bank transfers, they only have one logic- "The world's best companies use bank transfer for paying affiliates". They even mentioned Adsesne as an example. Dude, WTF? I understand Adsense and are both advertising agencies, but how can one compare these two? Adsense solely makes Google the world leader in the business today, and Adsense is the biggest reason of Microsoft losing their no.1 position to Google. And you guys- a thousand dollar worth of ptc? SALE SALE SCAM: They just had a sale going on a few days back, which is still running on their site. All referral packages and premium memberships were discounted by 30%. And just after a lot of poeple bought a lot of referrals and premium memberships, they changed the cashout system. They even did not give any pre-annnouncement. Now suddenly, people have realized their money has all been wasted. When asked for a refund, the admin says no refund is possible as per "TOS". Now, its pretty obvious why they initiated the cashout change just after the sale. Easy money stolen. WHAT ABOUT 18- PEOPLE (age less than 18)??: A huge portion of ptc clickers are below 18. And even in their TOS, nowhere its stated that a member should be above 18. Now the problem is, in alot of countries one must be above 18 to create a bank account. What about them? With no bank account, they can no transfer, so no cashout. IS NON-PAYMENT A PART OF CLICKIN.ME TOS? YOU PLAN TO STEAL MORE MONEY??: Now its clear, with bank transfers, one cannot cashout low. So you gotta reach big amounts (maybe $50+) to get a reasonable amount in your hands. Okay if you plan to reach that amount clickin yourself, but that will take months (almost). Sorry, you wont get help from referrals, they are not that dumb to continue clicking. So to earn good, one will have to consider buying referrals, and premium. Ahh, more moneys lost. I can guarantee that you wont get active referrals, as there won't be that many stupid members. However, this won't apply if they sell you bots (which they will be doing soon most probably). MEMBERS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT??: In answer to a statement stating members as the most important part of their ptc, the admin said "advertisers are the most important". They got advertisers? With no one to click anymore, how many of the advertisers will stay interested? No one. Nil, zilch, nada. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ADVERTISERS TOO. WHAT CURRENT MEMBERS SHOULD DO??: Bid good bye to the site. This is for the good of the whole potc community. If some of you stay with them, then more ptcs will be encouraged to use the same systems, in the process robbing a lot of users. Better, spread the news. Post in money related forums, alert others, blog, do everything else. Inform your referrals too, enocurage them to boycott the site. Help them shut down quickly, without cheating any more of us. Source:http\\

Monday, November 17, 2008

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Breaking News: IsabelMarco Launches New GPT Sister Site!! Get in FAST

This is the Breaking News in the PTC/GPT industry. IsabelMarco, the giant and most trusted site in the ptc industry has launched a sister site, IMPiggyBank. Earning options are wide here, as you will get paid to surf ads and complete offers, both. Now about completing offer, you can actually earn quite a lot as offers are high paying. There are a lot of offers for international members, free to complete (takes seconds) but pays around 25c+. So add one more site to your list which you can trust blindly. IsabelMarco is the site we trust most. Now about specifications. Site is free to join Payout is $9 Referral earning is 2 level deep: 20% first level/5% second level. Payout should be fast (ot sure as site just opened today) Currently there are 8 offers worth $16. Also, the template of this new site is really nice, lot lot better than the isabelmarco original site. What are you waiting for? Join IMPiggyBank now. Source:http\\

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to Withdraw your Alertpay Funds in the Philippines

How do I withdraw my alertpay funds here in the Philippines? This is the questions most newbies ask when they start their money making venture online. Never fear and don't worry. The answer is here. Option 1: Mailed Check. Go to your alertpay account and request to withdraw your funds through check. You will have to wait 3-4 weeks to arrive in your address. Once you've got your check, you can encash your check in your nearest money changers accepting international dollar checks. You can also deposit your check in your bank account. It doesn't matter if you have a dollar or peso account. Unionbank, Metrobank, Landbank, BDO, RCBC, and PNB are some of the banks that accept international checks. If your bank is not on this list, inquire in your bank to be sure. If they are not accepting international checks, open a bank account in one of these banks. Option 2: Alertpay to Paypal. Invest your alertpay funds in your trusted get paid to sites that pays through paypal. Once you get your investment back with interest, cash it out to your paypal account. Withdraw your paypal funds through Unionbank Eon Visa Electron Card. Processing will take about 5-7 days. Withdraw your cash in any ATMs. If you do not have a Unionbank Eon Visa Electron Card, apply for one in your nearest Unionbank branch. You will only need P350 to apply for the card. For more info, check this site - Eon Visa and Paypal Guide. Click here. Option 3: Fund Transfer. This option is not available yet but if you don't need to withdraw your funds, just save it there and wait until this feature becomes available. It shouldn't be long. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at Source:pinoydeal

Saturday, November 15, 2008


WHAT IS A REFERRAL? A referral is someone who works for you. Sounds good? Keep on reading: A referral gets what every other user gets when they click ads: Money! But, if a user that clicks ads is your referral, you get money too! There are two types of referrals: Direct referral: This user registered using your username as their referer. Bought referral: You bought them. So, how do you get referrals? Here are the three ways you can do that:
  • Use the banner with your referral link provided by the PTC site…
When the visitor clicks that banner, he will be sent in Neobux site. Then, all he has to do is register.
  • Talk:
Just tell everyone to register at your PTC site and to type your username on referer field when they do so.
  • Buy: (Needs money to buy – I don’t recommend this because you can look for yourself referrals for free)
You can buy referrals to work for you. Just go to your account to do so. The quantity of referrals available will vary depending on how much users registered without a referer. Other ways of gathering referrals: Posting your referral invitation with the use of Free Ad Posting Websites Some free posting ad sites are, others (use search engine i.e. yahoo, google) The use of “different forums on the internet (search forums with the use of search engines) I recommend active forums in Friendster MySpace Imeem Other networking sites… Join public forums with many members then post your referral invitation which includes the right information about your invitation to make them interested to join. Create your own blogs or websites. You can use, These web hosting sites are proven to advertise your blogs or websites on search engines (i.e. Google). This way, your blog is transparent in the whole world and anyone with internet connection is able to search your blog or website with the use of search engines. You can also apply features on google to give more exposure on your site or blog, just visit google web hosting services. After creation of website or blog, you can also use this site to get more traffic/visitor to your site, Source:http:\\

Friday, November 14, 2008

IsabelMarco is no longer going to pay its free members

Admin said this in a recent announcement: Whats your opinion about this? This is going to harm almost a million free members, whereas premium members are only very few relatively (~30,000). Although I myself is a premium member, I apprehend that this is going to be doom for a lot of us and other members. This will also result in a fewer no. of people joining daily. A lot fewer. Referrals we have purchased will stop clicking (as they are new members, ad unlikely that they bought a premium). Less trust on isabelmarco, and we all know, if isabelmarco goes down, the whole ptc go down (i am going to leave ptc for sure). All pending payments of free members will probably get deleted. If this whole thing was to avoid cheaters (as the admin claims), some better steps should be taken instead.
  1. Introduce captcha confirmation after ad (like ear3, extra10).
  2. Introducing captcha confirmation (or requirement to click a button) before ad (like neobux).
Most probably, IsabelMarco is turnig into something less good, actually, i fear more. This was the ptc we trusted most. If it goes like the others, we will nolonger go on with ptcs. We are really, really not happy. Readers, wait a few more days abd lets see what happens. We will keep you updated. For people who have not joined this site already, please do not join it now. Lets wait ad observe. Here is the forum discussion going on about this topic: Source:http\\

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Getting referrals is really very easy if you think about it.
If you want it fast, you can just buy referrals in your get paid to click sites and start from there.
But of course, you would not do that right away since you are just new or you don't even trust the PTC site yet. or you don't have the money to buy.
You joined the PTC business to earn money not to spend money, right?
So here's what you can do so you can gain and harvest more referrals for free and earn more money fast in your get paid to click sites.
Register in the links below and start getting more referrals.

• - Create an advertisement on your get paid to click site. Make your ads detailed and catchy so more people will join your get paid to click program.

• - Here you will also click ads to generate points which you can convert in exchange of referrals. This site is so popular in getting referrals. You can also convert your points to ads and generate traffic in your blog/site if you have one and maybe you can also get some referrals through this method.

• - Same as You can convert your points in exchange for referrals or traffic to your blog.

• - You can convert your earnings here to advertisements. You get more traffic to your blog and more chances to get referrals.

• - This is a social network site where you earn money through your comments and posts. This is also a great place to gather referrals.

• - This is also a social network site similar to friendser, myspace, and facebook. This is also a gret place to gather referrals by putting in you referral link in your friends comments.

• seven-bux - You can convert your earnings to ads so you can get more chances of gathering referrals.

• EasyHits4U - This will help you generate traffic in your blog/site and have more chances in gathering referrals.

• Get Paid to Click Sites - you can always gather referrals by converting your earnings in PTC sites into advertisements if you do not want to get your cash yet.

If you have any questions, you can email me at

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I found this very helpful site for us PTC enthusiasts. It's called GPTBoycott. It has a list of boycotted PTC sites as complained by its members. Hope this will help you....
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